5 Interesting Fun facts about Casino

There are many online casino fun facts that are helpful for a player to understand the way online casinos work, and how they can benefit their playing. They are a few fun facts that anyone who has ever gambled knows, and that is important to know because it can help to make the game more enjoyable.

When one is trying to find a fun fact about online casinos, it will take some research to find all of the best places for the player to find the information that they are looking for. It is easy to find sites that provide information about sites, and also about some of the games that are offered at a site. 

  1. In 1950’s they conducted nuclear tests in Las Vegas

You wouldn’t believe it and you may think it was like in the movie but it’s true. In the 1950’s, the US Department of Energy began to line off quite a thousand test nuclear bombs 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas . A terrific spectacle turned the night into day. Nevertheless, the horrifying mushroom clouds, which could be seen from the casinos, attracted tourists, that’s why the city became an instant attraction. Vegas is Vegas; they made it as a business opportunity instead of making it like a horror, they advertised atomic bombs and offered atomic bomb drinks in casino bars. They even conducted a beauty contest.

2. Sandwich is first invented in the Casino

The story started while John Montagu was within the middle of a gambling session all the way  back in 1762 in England. There was one time where John has been playing non stop until he became hungry. Montagu is legendary for having had significant gambling problems, which led to spending long periods of your time on the cardboard tables. Of course, he didn’t want to leave even for a while during the gambling session, so he ordered the chef to bring him some meat in between sliced bread for the sole purpose of  not leaving the table. So he kept playing and eating at an equivalent time, which is how the Sandwich was born

  1. The sum numbers of roulette wheel is 666

The sum of the numbers in a roulette is 666 the devil’s number. The roulette wheel  has numbers that are from 1 to 36. And if You add them all in your mobile’s calculator you’ll get 666. The legend says that base on the fact that the total sum of the numbers on the roulette  is 666, which, according to the Book of Revelation on the New Testament, says that 666 is the Number of the beast

  1. Macau is the casino capital in the world not Las Vegas. 

Macau  was able to generate more income than Las vegas. And theyre attracting more high rollers since 2010. They are 4 times bigger than Vegas when it comes to gambling scene. As they were named as the World’s Gambling Capital.

  1. Slots are the money maker for every casino

Statistically they say that Slots as an online and offline game of chance makes about 70% of income for the gambling industry. For the simple reason that slots are very entertaining when it comes to sounds and visuals that all players seems to enjoy it is also very simple to play and it doesn’t need any card counting, rules and strategies they just hit the button and enjoy the game.

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